New agridata startup drives investment and innovation in agriculture!

We’re all agreed. Agriculture holds the potential to drive the largest, most sustainable economic boom in Australia’s history – adding trillions of dollars to the national accounts, driving export growth and providing regional jobs and new opportunities to thousands of young australians.

But lack of capital threatens to stop us achieving that potential. A systemic mismatch between the needs of institutional investors and family-scale businesses impedes the flow of funding to Australian farmers – even today when demand for agricultural assets has never been higher.

Without change, Australian agriculture will never reach its potential.

Introducing Adventive

Adventive is the first investment platform to be designed specifically for the agricultural sector:

  • It helps Australian institutions support family-scale farms by funding their expansion, productivity improvements and innovation initiatives.
  • It enables global institutions to invest in Australian agribusiness without the sale of Australian land to offshore interests.
  • It creates large-scale investment opportunities connecting our best agribusinesses and producers with funds they need to grow and innovate.A product of the Actions for NSW agriculture program, Adventive has an experienced team of founders including two top firm lawyers and accountants, a corporate advisor with 25 years experience driving entrepreneurship in farming and agribusiness, digital product design experts and is backed by some of Australia’s most innovative and entrepreneurial producers.